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1: Uncle Hardy Goes to the Moon

This week we hear and discuss a piece by Sound Sausage host Kelly Hardcastle Jones.

Kelly’s great-uncle Hardy devoted his life to the space program, working for years to ensure that nothing exploded on the Saturn V rockets (that wasn’t supposed to…). All of his hard work boiled down to just over two and a half minutes – between when the rocket lifted off, to when the spent first stage engines dropped away and splashed into the ocean. Here, Uncle Hardy describes what it was like to work on such short and intensely dangerous projects, and what it felt like to see his work go to the moon and back.

Kelly Hardcastle Jones has been battling a PhD dissertation, a part time job teaching radio, a rich family life, and a need for food and sleep in order to make radio for the last three years. And what a fight it’s been! Kidding. Kelly won one of the 2013 Third Coast International Short Doc Awards for a salty piece on poutine. She just got back from the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University and is excited to make more radio (and maybe someday get paid for it?).

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