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Introductory Workshop this February

Audio storytelling is experiencing a golden age right now with the popularity of shows like This American Life, Radiolab, and 99% Invisible. Expertly produced radio documentaries activate our imaginations, convey heartfelt emotion, and lead to “driveway moments” where we ju...

6: Buck, Naked

This episode of Sound Sausage features a piece about a male nude model named Buck. Hosts Kelly Jones and Sean Rasmussen speak with guest producer Andrew Norton about the making of the piece, and about his experience at the Transom Story Workshop in Cape Cod. We also talk about...

5: Puke Quits Trainriding

In this episode of Sound Sausage we speak with Jeff Emtman about his piece Puke Quits Trainriding. Jeff brought his recorder along with him on an extended hitchhiking trip across the U.S.. He met many characters along the way. This is the story about a man using the alias...

4: Sound Design

Episode 4 features a discussion with guest producer Brian Cauley, on the subject of designing the perfect intro for a podcast or radio show. Brian also shares his thoughts on the choices that are involved in creating sound-rich pieces. In particular, sonic ids, backgrounds and...

Review: Focusrite iTrack Solo

The Focusrite iTrack Solo is a small audio interface that works with Windows, Mac and iPad, featuring one mic input and one guitar input. The iTrack Solo costs about $150 which is reasonable. And, the sonic results are more than adequate for doing podcast/radio tracking. I really...

2: Vape on the Lake

Episode 2 features producer JP Davidson’s radio doc Vape on the Lake,  about a Toronto lounge that lets customers smoke marijuana semi-legally. The City of Toronto is now home to seven “vapor lounges” – places that charge admission to marijuana users looking for a...