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Listen + Talk with Neil Sandell

1-Neil-Sandell-series_0Last night’s discussion with CBC Producer Neil Sandell was a great success, thanks to everyone who came out!

We’re hoping to record these in the future for those who can’t make it – but in the meantime – here are a few links to catch you up:

Secrets, Whispers, and Lies: Crafting a Personal Documentary – Neil speaks at the Third Coast International Audio Festival. Neil discusses his experience producing personal stories for CBC’s Outfront. One of the most fascinating things we talked about last night is included here too – the use of a “debrief interview” technique where the subject is asked to close their eyes, and mentally walk through scenarios prompted by the interviewer. The resulting tape is pretty amazing.

An Element of Surprise¬†– Neil’s sidebar.¬†Neil discusses the importance of using surprise – and leaving room for it – in audio documentaries. The clips included here had the group on the edge of our seats last night!

The Young and the Jobless – the home to Neil’s recent work on youth unemployment. This is the result of his Atkinson Fellowship in Public Policy. We didn’t have a chance to discuss this last night, but it’s definitely worth a look and a listen.

Huge thanks to Neil for spending the evening with us – he was great.

Who would you like to hear from next time? Let us know in the comments here, or on the Facebook group.

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